Because I am English!

Here you have the transcription of a short chat with a customer. In fact, the first impression was “why did you have to come to my shop?” but, actually, he was friendly, and with that British accent that is a pleasure to hear. And not just that, he surprised me in an even more positive way by the end of our conversation. Enjoy it:

Customer: How is business?

Me: Not bad, considering the weather.

C.: The weather is terrible!

Me: Indeed!

C.: It has been like this since Christmas. I’ve wanted to do things in my garden, and I need it to be dry, but it never is. I keep going out every day, trying to start, I have a look around and no, it is not dry. And like this, day after day, since Christmas. In fact, I don’t remember it being much better even before.

Me: Well, I am here since ten days, so I don’t know how it was before.

C.: You arrived for the worse winter.

Me: Oh, that is not good, let’s hope it gets better soon.

C.: Where are you from?


C.: Ah, Italia, I have done business there long time ago. I don’t speak Italian, but I lived in Napoli.

Me: So, how come you don’t speak Italian?

C.: Because I am English, and I simply cannot learn another language! I used an interpreter there.

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