Emma and the translation factory.

October is almost gone, and for me it has been a month dedicated to languages and translation, with events planned since long time, and nice surprises that happened all of a sudden and by chance. In fact, it started already from the end of September, when first the European Day of Languages and then the International Translation Day brought me back to this blog and to my passion. Unfortunately, I found out too late about the conferences organised at the British Library for the ITD 2013, and all the tickets were sold out, but I definitely made an effort not to miss the rest of the events.
The SDL Roadshow for the launch of Studio 2014 has been the first one, a nice, funny day of tweeting and getting to know a little the software. Actually, then is where the networking started. Even beginners who used Trados and Studio very little know the ups and downs, but no one can deny how different it is to translate with or without it, and definitely the new version has improved some of the problems that were still there in the previous one. Between a cookie and a piece of cake, I was crazy enough to sign up for a full day training in the SDL HQ in Maidenhead. This ended up being a very private day, something per pochi eletti, dedicated to getting to know Studio deeper, both the basic features and the ones for advanced users. I honestly have to apologise for having been so tired and risking to fall asleep during one of the sessions, but that was not the fault of any of the guys, they were amazing.
I have been using a temporary version of Studio this summer, and I have really enjoyed the experience. I keep telling myself to go back to Wordfast, which I totally forgot how it works, but I think it is now time to do it. Studio is really handy, and both translating with it and uploading the previous work to the translation memories are really easy things to do, so a quick comparison between it and Wordfast is definitely needed before I decide if Studio should be my Christmas present.
Since a few years, October is also the month of the London Language Show, an entire weekend dedicated to languages in all their aspects. For its 25th anniversary, it took place in Olympia once more, and the renewed exhibition centre is even nicer than it was before. Being it my third time there, I had not too many expectations, but still some important goals I wanted to achieve. To be honest, I was surprised by what I actually took out from it (not talking about the gadgets, which are in a scaring amount, as always!) The usual main sponsors, TEFL and the DG Interpretation were there and, apart from the chance to have a try in the booth, you could also listen to some well known professionals talking about their experience as translators and interpreters in the different branches of the institution (you can have an idea of the one I followed by checking my tweets of the day.) Networking was actually useful, and the information I gathered about courses and trainings is actually useful and helped me clearing my mind, which is actually more divided than I thought among the different paths that I want to take.
One thing is for sure, I am relaxing too much with interpretation, and the quick 4 minutes in the booth showed me that I need to get back to it more seriously. It actually went well, I am pretty conscious of it myself, but it happened exactly what I knew would have happened: I went for the Spanish>Italian speech, and I stumbled upon the most obvious obstacle of all, I couldn’t express estación de esquí, which is exactly the same in Italian. One thing is true, if November is NaNoWriMo, and I will try to dedicate it to writing and to my favourite writers, it will also the month I get back to look like a crazy person interpreting with my mp3 while walking about London!

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