“One year of love” for my blog part 2


Click on the cassette to hear the recording




Click on the link to read the transcription




Click on the link to read the full English text. The central part in Italic is the one that was originally in French



Un homme qui parle trois langues est trilingue. Un homme qui parle deux langues est bilingue. Un homme qui ne parle qu’une langue est anglais (C. Gagnière)

As promised, here you have the second installment of the anniversary post. My special guest, Alec, has shaken the foundations of my ideas about bilingualism. If I still feel as mine Helen Campbell’s quote “bilingual, whatever that means,” now I can also definitely say “bilingual, I know who that is.” In a very friendly way, and sipping a delicious French rosé, Alec shares with us his experience as a bilingual person native of English and French: how he was raised, how he interacts with his family, what happens in his head when he speaks one of the two languages, and what happens when he approaches a new one. Finally, he shares his personal view of French and British schools. You cannot see my face, but I can promise that I didn’t frown my lips even once when we said the word bilingual. After knowing him since a almost a year, I can tell that, if someone can use that word to describe himself, that’s definitely Alec.

I would like to thank him once again for participating in this project. After two years on radio, some years ago now, I still cannot hide my stage fright at the beginning of a recording, but we both get immediately comfortable and forget that we are even going on tape. To conclude, I think fair to also thank Alec’s flatmate and his dishes who play a cameo, as you can hear. As always, this is an open space so, please, don’t be shy and send your comments.

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