I have been keeping the idea for this post hidden somewhere in my mind for a while, I don’t clearly know why. It is not a secret that I spent several months in Sardinia one year ago, and that during that period I have been doing many things, but nothing similar to a paid job. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about that time; it seems to me like one of those scenes in movies when the character screams while walking up a mountain, and causes a snow slide. Figuratively, I did the same: I shouted, and the avalanche hit me with all its fury; I could have let myself go with the flow, but I decided to fight and come out from that. Since the working world was not willing to include me, I decided to dedicate myself to other things, more or less interesting and satisfying: I started writing, for myself and for this blog, and I started collaborating with

Many of you already know Ted for sure, and for those who don’t, here is a brief description. They publish plenty of videos for which they need transcription and translations, and here is where my job started. As soon as I received the first messages about available videos, I got excited about the idea, and I signed up for a couple of transcriptions in English. The first one, about poetry, was a questionable choice, guided by the joy of being able to be part of Ted’s machine. The difficulty of the accent and language was almost as high for my level of English as the lack of interest I could have about that speech. You can find the video in here, and if you click on the small icon on the lower right side, the one that says Transcript, you can find my work that, “with a little help from my friends”, as Ringo would say, ended up being quite good. For the second one, however, I was aware of the importance of choosing something interesting for me, so that I could relate more to the speech and enjoy the work. That is why I decided to transcribe a video about climate change, that you can find here, always with my transcription in English clicking on the icon.

Even if I was happy with my first attempts, the actual translations that I did made me a lot prouder than the two transcriptions. Here you have the first one, about sea turtles, my favourite, and here the other one, that talks about numbers. Again, if you click on the transcription icon, and then select Italian as language, you can see my work.

I wish I could have more examples to share with you but, unfortunately, I have been too busy to try and accept another collaboration with them. Let’s hope we can manage something interesting during the Christmas break!

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