Mistakes and typos

I have been thinking about writing this post since quite a while, but I could not really get myself to do it. It is not the feeling of being doing the same thing that everyone does everywhere on the Internet, because I think that, if I find some weird signs, I have to share them. The main reason why I waited for so long is that I wanted to be able to browse my DVDs with old picture to have a nice portfolio; the problem is: I could not find some of them. Finally, I decided that what I had was enough, maybe not to create real categories, but at least to start something that can stay open as a series of posts, or as a post with attached mistakes in the comments.

Here for you are some examples. Let’s start with what I would call “separated at birth”

Presentation 2

Presentation 3

One needs the apostrophe but lacks it, the other one has a spare one: let’s join forces!


“Captain Obvious”

Where else

Not to be splitting hairs, but if the hole is outside, don’t we call it just “surrounding space”?


“Say whaaaat?!”

S/W Ver: 85.83.E2P

If you are as good with my hair as you are with spelling, we really have a problem!


“Let’s try them all, one must be right!”


They really don’t like E as a letter, so they are not comfortable using it: “Irish whiskey”, you nailed it; “Scotch whisky”, as well; now, you had 50% of chances of “US whisky” also being correct, but you weren’t that lucky! Same with “liqueur”, the principle followed must be: “one of the two must be right, let’s risk it!”


“Eternal love doesn’t exist”

No comment

David Ruffin would say: “It’s not that I don’t love you, you know how much I do” but forever is a long time!


“Common roots”

Common roots

How can I frown when someone says “Spanish and Italian are basically the same language, aren’t they?” I mean, they look pretty similar here!


“Foreign influence”

Borrowing from English

After all, maybe, English words are taking too much space in the Italian language. Honestly, I am pretty sure we could use Italian synonyms to say the same thing!

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