All I wanted was to be invisible!

I am just mad, I need to shout these few things before I take my glossary and my notebook, and I meet my clients once again tomorrow:

–          I am an interpreter; I am no one’s sister or anything of the sort in this case.

–          I have done a brief pre-session, so everyone should know that I AM THE INTERPRETER!

–          I have no economic interest in the agreement, just a personal interest because the client is an acquaintance. Why am I there then? Because I am THE INTERPRETER!

–          I have never intervened in my whole career as much as I did only today, and that just drives me mad, INTERPRETER = INVISIBLE!

–           Don’t ask me and don’t look at me, I am not, in any way, taking part to the negotiations, if not as AN INTERPRETER!

–          I have practiced transparency as never before, constantly abandoning my role, and I am not proud of it.

–          Give me a booth, I hate liaison interpreting!

That said, tomorrow more because, after all, we are professionals!

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