Mistakes and typos 2

I don’t know if by chance or by mistake, but finally I have found the folder with the pictures of mistakes that I have collected during the years, a good mix of Italian and English examples. Since I have several cases, I will split them according to languages. Let’s go for English this time, old and new jewels!

Maybe clean, maybe not


We don’t force our staff to do their job, freedom of choice is our policy!



I guess it will be the grammar police!

Dismanting bikes…



and words, so they can fit better in our trains and brains!

The importance of being Earnest


If One asks, you have to be earnest, you can’t spit frivolously in front of the Queen!

Don’t just protect it,


Protect it CLEAN!

No fear…


of bad grammar and spelling!

Perfect presents…


include: Grammar books, spelling books, proofreading vouchers, and so on!

And they just need to check Facebook to know that

Post errori

Try the new “Letters diet”! 





We don’t reduce calories, we cut vowels and add consonants, and you lose your fluency in a matter of weeks!

Killing him again


Maybe 007 only lives twice, but Kurt Cobain (Oh, yes, we are talking about Curco Vein here) certainly dies twice, or every time someone spells his name in this fashion!

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