Trick or treat, my Halloween post

I know, you have been missing this Belle infidèle, but it hasn’t been laziness or lack of inspiration what forced me to take a break on the blogging activity. As many of you may have seen from my profiles, I have been busy, and also forced to move houses just during my long waited holidays. You can imagine how hard that can be for a vampire translator, to have to leave the beloved cave, to pack the cute Snoopy pijamas and to go out in broad daylight to find a new den. But here I am, now, after a nice, summery holiday in Sardinia, the best in quite a long time, and in my new flat, thanks to the help of some fellow translators. It is Halloween, and I will soon get ready to celebrate, because I still think that when in Rome… and I don’t see why, on the false pretence that it is disrespectful to my roots, I should lose a chance to have fun and demystify death. Anyway, this is another subject, already treated in previous posts, and I won’t waste more time on it.

As I said, it is 31/10, and what I want to do is to have a look back at my working October, and to try and draw some conclusions out of it. In everyone’s life, there are things for which one waits the whole year, or a great part of it. That said, everyone knows that October means Language Show. For those who don’t know the event, here you have some information about it. I will just say one thing, quoting Capital Translations: “The Language Show Live is the biggest and frankly the best exhibition in Britain for linguists.”

I normally just dedicate one day to it, and try to make the most of it, in terms of networking, new connections and useful information. This year, I had a different plan, because I was aware of the fact that, actually I never had nearly as much as I could out of the show. That is why I was glad when an old friend from USAL and fellow translator wrote me and asked me to join. That was my excuse to try to find as much time as I could to spend at the show.

Despite the rest of engagements I had to respect, we managed to assist to most of the three days, so no complaining. The main difference this year has been the absence of the booths that were normally part of the EU’s stand. They have been missed, but that has helped making those stands more quiet and easy to reach. The venue itself looked less crowded this year, maybe also because there were some stands less, and the space looked bigger that way. Objectively, the organisation seemed a lot better this year, with more information available, starting from the lift.

About the conferences, I had more time to dedicate to them, and I am quite satisfied about the ones I followed. The one Mr Johansson offered about translating for the European Union was just refreshing what we already knew, both the numbers of the EU, and the selection process, but still nice. Ms Campbell, owner of the bilingual quote at the beginning of this blog, gave an interesting and funny speech about interpretation both in the EU and in the formation side; moreover, it was nice to chat with her again, and it made us feel home (that is, in Salamanca) again for a while. Rainy London’s presentation about apps was incredibly interesting and I suggest everyone who is going to Lenguando a la Riojana to take the chance to attend to it, because she is repeating it there.

Of all the speeches I attended to, though, I preferred the one about etymology, maybe because I am one of those crazy people who enjoy investigating the origin of a word, and the related terms. The presentation was fun, and interesting, and it gave some perspective to an Italian/Sardinian native speaker who, in an incredibly self-centred way, always starts this kind of reflections from the “one of my native languages is the closest language to Latin” point of view. Well, it is not that easy, and there is a lot more than that about etymology.

Talking about networking, apart from the Language Show, we had a great early dinner with the TweetUp group, and thanks once again to Valeria for organising it. Anyone who is interested in talking about translation, meet interesting people, and share experiences, please feel free to join, there is one meeting a month.

As I said, I had many questions to ask at the event, and some have been answered, so I hope to have more news about those steps soon. For now, I will leave you celebrating Halloween, and to scare you, I will say that I am working on my business details, and that I still have to talk about the other great event to which I attended this month: The SDL Roadshow, so I will be back soon with more. Is that a trick or a treat?

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