Naughty Hottie has become Knotty!
Dear readers, and followers from every platform, Une belle infidèle! is back. She went through a tough time, but the mental refurbishment has done her good, and now she is grown up, she has become a naughty… oops, kn-hottie, damn, again! I meant a Knotty Translator.

This branding process has taken some time, three months between the moment the idea first entered my mind, and today. Of course, there have been phases, with clear points in time when a new step was taken, and several people who I have to thank for their inspiration, their support, their help, knowingly or not, and I hope to make justice to all of them through these anecdotes.

The first person to thank, or to blame, or both, is Valeria Aliperta, the famous Rainy London or, as I often define her, “the branding guru.” Vale, I already told you that your speech at Lenguanding left a mark on me, also because I didn’t win the mug, but mainly because I walked out from the capilla with an idea mixed with a urge: I needed a brand.

I had no idea where to start from, but I already had a certain image, a character, and I wanted to build my brand in that direction. I was Une belle infidèle! but I didn’t want to keep that name: too complicated; not too used, but still not new; but the main reason was that I saw that, to a speaker of non-Roman languages, the word “infidèle” is immediately related to religion, and I didn’t want that connotation to be associated with me. I couldn’t kill Une belle infidèle! but I had to help her grow up. Here is where my second inspiration comes in, surely not that consciously, but still very strongly, and I would like to thank Scheherezade Suriá, the Scheherezade of Las 1001 traducciones. Scheherezade, your puns and jokes, often naughty… knotty… both, have convinced me about the path to follow. Also, your pin-up girls, with their witty messages, have inspired the knotty translator that is now going to accompany my brand.

Why this name? Because translating is never easy, the texts are knotty, they keep the translators awake for many notti, and these poor daysleepers can never be completely faithful to the original, the best thing to do will always be to be naughty!

But if Valeria’s speech is the point in time that I associate with the beginning of this adventure, some other moments have pushed me towards what is happening today. The first one may sound silly, and it actually is so by itself, but it changes completely when inserted into context. In one of my TV series overdoses, I went back to watch 2 broke girls, and episode 4 of season 2 is, what a coincidence, dedicated to branding, brand image, and do’s and dont’s of the promotional phase. Watching it, I felt the final push to go forward with my idea.

The second moment is, no surprise there, my second attendance to Lenguando. I took that plane with the clear idea of presenting KT before Christmas, and of doing it by re-opening Une belle infidèle! That is when I put the refurbishing sign on. The first afternoon in Logroño just cancels every possible shadow of doubt still standing on my way. The lunch at Tondeluna has happened with a perfect timing; if I had planned it, I couldn’t have done anything better. For that reason, I want to thank my final inspirations: Molino de ideas (that is Eduardo Basterrechea, Elena Álvarez, and Elena del Olmo,) and Santiago García Clairac. It is funny that, Eduardo, you said to me: “Apologies for us talking a lot without letting you saying anything!” My serious face was not showing boredom, on the contrary. I was silently taking everything in, and the clear message of “You need a brand!” was echoing in my head. Elena must know that because, on our way back to the halls of residence, I could not be quiet anymore, and we talked about my ideas for KT.

A final thanks must go to the people who materially helped me creating the image; incredibly enough, they are, at the same time, my consultants, and some of the people I love the most in my life, Claudia Musio and Alberto Becciu.

Claudia is my best friend, my soul sister, a great engineer, a wonderful novelist, and an incredible artist. She worked out the logo and the image for me, following all my ideas and improving them, all in a very short time span. Moreover, she has supported me in this project from the first moment, as she has always done with every single crazy decision I took in my life. I love you, sister!

Alberto is my brother, my financial advisor, and the person who is always there when I need a hug. Also, the only one who still calls me Emmixedha; no one else is allowed, and neither is he, but I am getting used to it. I hardly take a big decision without consulting him before the rest of the world is informed, and I trust his judgment. I love you, brother!

This one is for you:

To conclude, thanks to Joseph for the linguistic support when I was choosing the name. A lot of what is in this blog has been created with your help or your inspiration, and I am grateful for that.

I know, I have been too romantic until now but the truth is that “I watch romantic movies because I am not romantic myself, and I need to see it on the screen.” No, seriously, I once said that, incredibly enough. Anyway, enough sugary, honey-coated paragraphs, it is time for this hottie to be naughty knotty!

You all know some of my profiles: my Twitter stays one for all, @emmabecciu; my Facebook is private (perfect example of oxymoron,) but I have now created a Facebook page that you can also like and promote; my contacts are all the same, Skype at emma_becciu, phone numbers still working, O2 in the UK and Vodofono in Italy (I can’t say Vodafone anymore, and I couldn’t avoid quoting Gino!) Big change: my preferred email is still, with the associated Google+ profile, but I now have a dedicated business email, also with Google+ profile, of course, and a Google+ page. Please, feel free to browse everything, to share, and comment. You can also check some of my translations at L’Indro, an online newspaper with which I have the pleasure to collaborate.

About Une belle infidèle!, the old posts and pages will stay, and some new ones are going to be published soon, because this belle infidèle may have been quiet, but certainly she didn’t stop being knotty. Sneak peek of some upcoming subjects: Italian presidency of the Council of the EU, sectorial languages, and Italian language in recent history. Also, don’t be afraid of suggesting subjects you would like me to talk about, or you would like to discuss.

And now, let’s be naughty. If any problems, tell Santa I said that!!!

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