Catching up, Infidèle avant Knotty

Dear knotty readers,

You may have seen from my profiles that Knotty Party has been a naughty success. After that, we are all back to reality, which seems just ironic, considering that we see polar bears wearing scarves, and reindeers and sleighs everywhere since a month already. Anyway, considering all that the reality, we are back to it. Therefore, it is time to work on what we do best, apart from being knotty: translating and blogging.

As I said in the Masterpost (I couldn’t find a better way to call it!) I want to talk about some very interesting subjects, but I also want to take some time to update you about what happened before this Belle Infidèle finally became a Knotty Translator. This is why I chose this title, making a clear reference, together with the quote, to one of the strongest and most fascinating women in history. I am, of course, doing this humbly, and with no intention of comparing myself to her.

That said, the first chapter wants to amuse you with this short video, that you may have already seen on Twitter or YouTube, about what we did to celebrate the European Day of Languages back in September. Enjoy it, and I will be back soon, with more updates.

Wordkeys 4D Translation Games

Until next, and… keep being naughty, Knotty surely will!!!

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