Learn Italian vocabulary with Knotty Translations – Word #16 is Rosso

Seventeenth installment of my YouTube course to learn Italian vocabulary. Today we talk about colours, check out the notes on the video to see which ones change according to gender and number, which ones only according to number, and which ones do not vary.

Enjoy it and share it!!!

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  1. Raquel Madrid

     /  29/09/2015

    Emma, you forgot “verde” :-p
    In Vitoria (Spain) we have a very similar saying. For us it is: “Rojo por Valdegovía, mañana hará buen día”. Valdegovía is a village in Álava, on the west. Therefore, if the sky is red at sunset, it will bring good weather 🙂


    • Hi Raquel, I realised after that verde was missing, and I should add it to the list of “left half done.” In October I will start again with the videos and I should first of all take care of all the parts that I left partly undone. Thank you for the comment :-*



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