International Translation Day 2015


Dear readers and followers,

Today is Saint Jerome, the patron saint of translators, and that is why every year International Translation Day is celebrated on this date. Born in Dalmatia, this Catholic priest is recognised as a saint and a Doctor of the Church. He knew Greek and a little Hebrew, but he moved to Jerusalem to complete his commentary of the Bible.

Why is he the patron saint of translators?

He started working on a translation of the Bible from the Septuagint (the Greek translations), as was always done until then; unsatisfied with that version, that included mistranslated and heretical elements, he started his own translation directly from Hebrew. This new translation is widely known as the Vulgata.

If you are interested in more data on Saint Jerome, Wikipedia is always there for us, and there you can find several wonderful paintings of the saint. Happy International Translation Day to us!

Don’t forget to keep being naughty, Knotty surely will!!!

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