I have been thinking about writing a blog since a little time ago, but the question was about what. Honestly, I should have immediately understood that the only possible subject was translation and interpreting. This is a multilingual space, and anyone can comment or suggest a new subject in Italian, Spanish, French and English, but also in Sardinian, Portuguese and Catalan. There won’t be many multilingual posts, possibly only this one, which is my presentation, and few more. I would also like to say that, since I don’t like translating myself, these different versions are similar to each other, but none of them is a translation of the other.

The current one is a particular moment of my life, with plenty of uncertainty and dark moments, but the idea of interpreting and translating helps me and gives me strength, that’s why I would like to have more chances to do it. I just came back from Florence, where I interpreted at the European Social Forum and, once more, I felt that my life was exactly that one, that interpreting is what keeps me standing, and that I should dedicate my time and energies to it.

I don’t consider myself and expert in this field, and I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and corrections from the readers. For different reasons, both due to personal choices and to fate, I am in a full immersion of English, even if it is my fourth language. To be more precise, I fight an old battle with English, a language that I have always loved, but that I never managed to learn and speak properly. The battle has not ended, we are just in a moment of rest.

My native language is Italian, I don’t even see myself as a bilingual speaker with Sardinian. “Bilingual”, now this is a word I despise and avoid; maybe, I should dedicate to this subject one of my first posts. Anyway, I speak and understand the variety of Sardinian from the Campidano area but, unfortunately, I belong to a generation who never studied it and have just practiced it at home. I am not even able to write it, but I would like to learn.

About the other languages, Spanish is definitely my second language, and Spain is my second home. French has been abandoned more and more as years passed, not as a result of a choice, but for necessity. Portuguese is a language which I studied very little, but which I love and I would love to improve, that’s why I always practice it when I have the chance to do it. I have learnt Catalan during my stays in Girona; I can understand it, but not speak it, simply because I never studied it, and I don’t feel comfortable using it to interact. For those who know me, I would like to say that my Russian studies are lost in the past but, looking for other books, I found my old Russian copies. Maybe, I won’t follow my plan but, for now, I have them on my desk and I have decided to start again with the basic notions.

I think that this is enough of an introduction to the blog and to myself. I just think it is fair to prevent you about something else: feelings and linguistic matters will possibly mix in this blog; I cannot avoid it, because my relationship with languages is based on a strong and faithful love, it can be a complicated relationship, but one that is never in doubt. Enjoy reading!

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  1. Andem

     /  16/02/2016

    Beautiful writing! I absolutely adore the word games.This is indeed a witty blog.



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