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This introduction comes a little after the creation of the blog itself, precisely 15 months after it. It may sound strange, but it has a very simple explanation. I started writing Une belle infidèle! as a way to express my view of linguistic matters, but the message itself was the only thing that mattered; now, after all this time, I have been experimenting with my writing and my social presence, and I have given a more personal approach to the blog as well, with videos and a personal brand. This is why I feel it is now necessary or, at least, fair, to present myself.

My name is Emma Becciu, I am the creator of Knotty Translations, and I am the belle infidèle behind this blog. Why these cheesy names? Because I like good puns!


By birth, I am Italian, I was born in Sardinia, and I am conscious and proud of my roots and my heritage. Nonetheless, I consider myself a citizen of the world, because I love travelling and exploring new places. It is not only a way to say that I enjoy a good holiday, which is also true. What I really mean is that I consider myself imperfect and a work in progress, and there is no other way to walk towards perfection rather than learning from everyone we can possibly meet and absorbing the different cultures that exist. No culture is complete and correct, and I try to make mine what I can learn from everyone and everywhere. I try to plunge deep into the culture with which I have the chance to get in touch, and to retain those sides that I consider useful for my growth.

By profession, no surprise there, I am a translator and interpreter. I started as a scientific student in my early years, but I soon realised that mathematics are not my thing, probably due to their exactness. I am thorough, by I see the world through the nuances of the language, and I feel trapped in a world of numbers and exact equations. “It depends” is the rule I live by not only when I translate, and that doesn’t apply too often to the scientific world.

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With the desire of becoming an interpreter since I was 12, I abandoned science to choose linguistic studies at university. I obtained a BA in foreign languages in Cagliari, and I packed my stuff to move to Spain and follow my dream. There, I obtained my BA in translation and interpretation. My years in Salamanca have been a wonderful experience, during which, together with all the work and fun, I have also collaborated with the radio station of the faculty for two years. It is an activity that taught a lot and helped me overcome a little my stage fright. If you are curious, you should be able to find the old recording (2008-2010) by clicking on the picture, and you can also keep listening to the new broadcasting.


I have been living abroad since 2003, but I am not sure what abroad means; I simply feel at home wherever I am happy, and that means plenty of places so far. My current burrow, or nest, is London. What else could I say about myself? I call myself Leopardian only because pessimist sounds too harsh. Linguistically, I consider myself a structuralist, but I feel influenced by all major schools, although feminism approaches are too extreme and, at the same time, too simplistic for my point of view.

What else? All my profiles on social media say a lot more about me that I could ever enclose in any pages, so feel free to browse them, you have the links on the right. Here, I have just enclosed for you some silly pictures to know me better.

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