One year of blog

Dear readers, 2013 is going to finish, just few hours left to greet 2014, and I feel the need to do an evaluation of Une belle infidèle! Mirror of my life during these 12 months, or maybe 13, if we start counting since its creation, analysing this blog means looking back to what this closing year has been for me, and I want to do it through the posts that have been important to me and that are going to be my “Best of”.

January has been slow and tedious, with little inspiration for writing, while February saw me back in London, full of energy and ideas, and I created my first trilogy, dedicated to the image of interpreters in movies and TV series. It has been a project of which I am proud, even if it reflects clearly what I been through at that time: the quiet joy despite the dissatisfaction in the first instalment; the annoyance and the masked anger of the second instalment, already in March; the despair and wild rage mixed with sadness of the third one.

Easter marks a great moment of freedom and consciousness, reflected in one of my favourite posts of the year: the special edition dedicated to interpreters in movies, in Game of Thrones to be precise. But peace and quiet end, and my posts slow down and show this by lacking wittiness and interest, and by being too focused on my main problem. If May is quiet, June is silent, and so is August, that follows a July that tries recovering with a post that I like but that, by its own, cannot help too much.

After risking of being abandoned forever, this blog comes back to life, gaining strength from the energy that the holidays gave me, and from the hope that, surprisingly, is lighting up my projects. The days dedicated to languages in September are the excuse to be back to work and to regain the energy for October, a month with conferences about which I could write, and experiments that widened the horizon of Une belle infidèle! It is then that, among other things, the nice collaboration of Contradisciplinary is created*.

November, with the first anniversary, is the month of another experiment, and an article in two instalments about bilingualism that has been of great satisfaction. December, to finish, has benefited of this new energy and of the relax of the holidays, with several posts, belated or created on the spot, including the wonderful chat with my dad, which I was planning since long time.

If you are new readers, you can get to know my creature through this list of posts chosen by me; if you are followers already, you know what I am talking about, but you can go back to what I wrote until now. To all of you, anyway, my best wishes for a happy new year, for a 2014 full of all the good you can desire; keep only the special memories of 2013, the wonderful and positive experiences, and close the negative and sad ones in a box that you can abandon and not open again, because no year can be completely bad or good. Love like there is no tomorrow; don’t be afraid of sharing your feelings; give a second chance, because it is often the wisest choice, and I would have lost wonderful chances and people I love if I hadn’t done that. Take risks, believe in yourselves and be brave because, quoting Don Miguel de Cervantes:

Para todo hay remedio si no es para la muerte (El Quijote)

(There is a remedy for all things but death)

*The experiment is not included in this blog anymore because of the actual lack of importance of the subject itself and because of the little connection with the interests of Une belle Infidèle!

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