IAPTI in Bordeaux: Been there, done all that!

Dear readers and followers,

Knotty is back from holidays and has not abandoned you! As you surely know, because Twitter has been overloaded with it, IAPTI’s international conference was celebrated in Bordeaux two weeks ago, and we have been there, and so have many of you. For those who were not there, and could manage escaping our constant tweets from the talks and pictures of the food, here is a short sum up of what has happened and what caught our attention.

Even if it was my first time at IAPTI, it has been a chance to meet old and new friends and to catch up with them, but also to make new connections. Apart from that, the talks have been very interesting and have given us some new ideas to organise ourselves and make the most of our time and our resources. Many talks were very useful, and it would feel incomplete to quote some rather than others. We have talked about branding and promoting our company and our services, about how to maximise our results and reducing our use of resources, how to set our fees and not to surrender to the request of the market for low fees and excessive work, what new technologies can do for us, what new apps and devices can make our work easier and give us choices, etc.

I could write pages and pages about any of the talks I attended to, or I could simply say that if you did not attend you missed a chance, but I prefer to make something more eye‑catching and entertaining by adding here some of the tweets from those days, so you can catch up with them without having to scroll down dozens of profiles again. At the end, you will also have some shots from the event to feel a little jealous. All that together, I hope, will make you reconsider the fact that you should apply for IAPTI’s membership if you have not done that yet and will give you a little desire of joining us next time!



IAPTI’s official video

My slideshow of random pictures with friends but also from the meals and the talks

Don’t forget to keep being naughty, Knotty surely will!!!


Career milestones

Why do I love Mondays? Cold almost gone, LSP got in touch, & I have been accepted by IAPTI and ITI. Need to say more? Knotty is an overjoyed baby right now!!!